Pilihanraya Umum Ke-13 : Malaysia Memilih!

today is friday..and sunday will be the biggest day in malaysia..it’s the election day..

last election period in 2008, im not voting coz it’s not worth it for me to going back to jb from my campus in nibong tebal..so my friends and i that in the same boat that day, just lurking around parit buntar to enjoy the moment..to take pictures..just walking around to feel the heat of election day..we also taking a picture with PAS candidate in titi serong i suppose when he said that, ‘ni lah pejuang masa depan..!’

yeah..of course i will be that ‘pejuang’ but not really sure i will be in the same colors as yours though!

that is 2008..now 2013, i will going back to jb to vote for the first time..excited i am of course..i know that 1 vote is important now since that it seems both BN and Pakatan has a 50-50 chance to win this election and run the whole country as they wanted it to be..

in johore specifically..some people cried for changed that more islamic..and some people cried for singapore-like johore where it will be more lively like our neighbour..even some people already seen the development in johore that favours them and so they will maintain as it is..

the only question is? which group will you put yourself then?

think with your brain..put aside your emotion for a while..




will you and your family will get a better benefits in the future to live your life happily or you does not all of those, as long as asalkan bukan UMNO?




think about it carefully……………………..



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Jihad on Mei 4, 2013 at 10:14 am

    yes la, bcoz u are muslim, hidup dan matimu kerana Allah.
    Hukum hudud adalah hukum Allah, Malaysia adalah negara Islam
    Sekiranya Hukum Hudud tidak dilaksanakan oleh pemerintah yg beragama Islam,
    bermakna dia tidak menolong undang2 Allah. Jadi knapa perlu kita sokong dia walaupun dia byk membuat pembangunan fizikal tetapi pembangunan rohani hancur.
    buktinya adalah gejala sosial yg semakin parah, kes jenayah (eg: rogol, bunuh, ragut) semakin tinggi. knapa? kerana tiada pembangunan rohani yg dibentuk oleh akhlak islam. Fikirlah semula.


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