It’s a Beautiful Day!

im in KL now..working in a totally new how-to-go-to-work shopping hang out activities..but of course with the same old me..ourself doesnt change rite..but if it’s for good..i’m willing to take it!

what is the most boring part ever is my wife n 6 month old kid doenst here with me..they are still in johore..waiting for me to furnish the house that i rent in here..maybe somewhere this 2 3 weeks i’ll try to do everything that i could to bring them here..but of course im glad that my wife now can happily taking care our kid for full time she doesnt have to think or learn or pressure or tired or any political stuff that happens in working life..she’s quitting her recent job and im glad as it’s the most happiest day in her life..!

as said, the culture in my new company is totally different..i’ve learnt quite a lot within a week im here..the process is different..the meeting style is different..all i can say is, it’s totally different with what i feel back in pasir gudang..even my job scope is now more focus on after-construction pasir gudang, im more like a construction-planner where u can explain all the fabrication and stuff but in here, even the activities is something ive not even heard isnt it?

another thing that i observed here that everybody is rushing..even for me, i know that the train (yeah, i am taking the LRT as my main transport) is still not there yet..but they still rushing as hell to wait for it..ive tested it several times now as when someone is cheekily rushing just to stand behind the yellow line for the train, i’ll walk as usual as i can and yet, we are waiting at the same spot with the same timing to board the train..what the hell is wrong actually..? does being faster than other people makes you pretty cool even u know we can reach the same destination together..? weird..

another bit here is food..u can sell anything and yet u still have a customer that are willing to pay for it..they said about the most expensive pop corn in malaysia..yeah..POP CORN..where u can get for RM5 and less in any cinema..but they sell it for RM20 per pack with the same capacity..ive tried it too..and yes, it’s Rm20 for a reason..i cant blame the seller and i cant blame the buyer too..i believe i cant open that pop corn franchise in johore as no one will give a fuck as it’s too expensive..but here in KL, they are willing to pay more coz they know it’s a good deal..

in addition, it’s not only popcorn..anything u want, u name it..give them money, u’ll have it..starting from man..i believe if the same company opens their franchise in Jusco Tebrau in Johore, they will ‘bungkus’ in a very short time..n if they are opening it in Danga City Mall, hell man..they’ll close it in the next day..hahaha.. in johore since forever does makes u a ‘Kampung Boy’..i admit it even though Johore is a big city too rite..i’ve dreamt to go to KLCC since i was young..i love the architecture..i love the environment..i love everything about’s too fascinating as if you are going to KLCC, u’ll bring along a camera just to take pictures with it!

ive used to go to Aquaria once..and that is the one of the most lovely place for me..after the aquaria trip, we go to Suria KLCC just to know what is Suria KLCC is all about..then for our lunch, we only take mcdonalds as u know..i am yet still a kampung boy back is the best food ever..

but..everything is changes rapidly rite..the world is so envy of my happiness in KLCC back then that now im using KLCC everyday as my transit for LRT..can you imagine that..? should i bring my camera along even though i go here everyday..? should i take lots of pictures with KLCC in background? should i go to aquaria and be happy just like the old days..i believe it’s harder now..KLCC is now changing from my entertainment area to my solely working’s sad but in the same u are feeling so glad that you are here in a very needed time =)

so now, KL is my place..yup..i love it especially my work..i love my work here even it’s only been a week..

maybe some of you might say that dont be too fascinate about what’s happening around coz u’ll dont know what u’ll get in the future..

naaaaahhh..i dont care any..

coz for Malay of course,

Hari Ini pasti lebih baik daripada Hari Semalam..


have fun working to all malaysians..!


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