Loyalty to Company

this end of the month will mark the end of Sime Darby Engineering..the most prestigious Oil & Gas Fabrication company in Malaysia..after 25 years of reign, due to several personnel yang fucked up, SDE need to go..forever..

it’s unacceptable kan..di mana kita semua mencari nafkah untuk tanggung anak bini..mencari sesuap nasi yang kadangkala cukup2 je untuk hidup dengan sederhana..then suddenly, orang2 besar yang makan gaji sebulan macam setahun gaji kita kerja buat hal..they with their bloody politics dah memusnahkan bukan saja satu sejarah SDE yang terbaik pernah dibuat, malah merosakkan periuk nasi pekerja2 yang sentiasa berdedikasi dengan SDE sejak sekian lama..

in a workers perspective, SDE is the best company that they can live forever..of course for whom that seeks more in term of salary, other company is better..but for whom who want to seek a lifestyle, SDE is the place..the company is too good even that we DO NOT need a Workers Union..yup..we dont have any Union..segala kebajikan sudah sangat terjamin..sangat bertimbang rasa dan sangat memahami antara satu sama lain antara Management dan Workers.

somehow, Sime Darby Group masih lagi ‘menyayangi’ para pekerjanya dengan memaksa mereka satu kontrak take it or leave it dengan parent kompeni yang baru..our new parent company can’t give much you know..they are not to be blame..if im the new parent company pun, buat apa nak bazir2 duit untuk 1000 orang lagi..? lagipun budak2 SDE semuanya ‘dipaksa’ masuk ke kompeni baru, so nak tak nak, mereka perlu juga masuk..if not, they will out of job..

a bit sad when currently several personnel from new parent company has come to our office..tagging all items..asking this and that..involve in our Project Management..they are starting to replace our logo..replace our PPE..replace our fingerprint system..replacing everything that related to SDE..it’s just like..someone that comes to your house than replacing everything that u possess inside, but u still live in there,knowing that in several months later, your house will be taken with u nowhere to go..

when it feels like home..it always create loyalty..when u have a loyalty, it’s hard to accept that our own competitor since forever are taking over your home..

hence, i think..it’s not a very good state of mind currently for me to serve them..im sure..someday i will..but not now..

oh God..for sure i’ll miss all the environment here..

thanks a lot Sime Darby Engineering..

thanks for all the memories..

thanks a lot..


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