Program Seksualiti Merdeka 2011’s a bird..! no, it’s a plane..! no, it’s a flying dick-shape-causers from Planet Unknown..! Gays and Lesbo is back..! and they come in peace..!

Welcome to Malaysia officially guys..yeah..u are already here i know but i do hope u know what OFFICIALLY means..oh, welcome to Program Seksualiti Merdeka 2011 even i’m still not sure either that program is really meant for you..however, that Program does triggers me to write something, as some of u always blaming ur God for creating u differs from others, i also can blaming the Program for this entry!

the program starts by telling us that u have your own rights..yes..i can’t deny that..but does in Malaysia, a country where ‘adat Timur’ is already there, is it your rights to tell us how u make sex only for fun and not for the sake of improving human being..? to promote a healthy family lifestyle..? to promote where your protein should be put in a good manners..? or maybe even to promote where baby comes from..?? or maybe, to promote how family DNA should be passed down to our child..? is not an issue, your relationship was built up by love..? do you really know what love means..?? and do you know what outcome should we expect from love..? only for fun..? actually, probably, you are no difference with also are no difference with ‘a guy who loves only to fuck with a girl-hooker-type-called-a-girlfriend’ also no difference with a girl that lose in a battle in her life after being a dump with her partner (ends up lesbians)..yup..there are LOVE in those people..LOVE that only leads to sick act that some of Malaysians can’t digest..oh..for pedophilia, even a bad boy in jails also cannot understand what kind of LOVE that they show in this world..

yeah i know u will be offended with PERKASA..they are harsh in everything..i always believe everybody have their own style of living..everybody have their own right how to make a relationship..everybody have their own right to change genders..but my Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) friends, i am sorry but Malaysia in not officially for you..i hope you understands that Malaysians have their own RIGHT too to show their voice regarding this issues..

i would rather not to talk about religion coz i believe lots of you does not believe in any of it..even an Imam still ‘ditangkap khalwat’ and even a priest still have their own wrongdoing but please..don’t blame the religion for that..even don’t blame ur God to make u just like what you are now..the only thing that you need to do is to control your emotions..there are no such thing a Man should loves another Man and believe he is the only one for’s true..there’s no such thing..

if you thinks that you cannot change the way you live, i hope you can come to the mosque, the church, or any holy places as your current religion in IC shows to ensure you are in the right path..find a suitable persona that can hear your story..can hear all your sins..can be a friend to you for good rather that gives your soul to someone that does not make any sense..if you always believe there are someone somewhere that will loves you of who you are, why not trying it in a different way? there might be someone in those holy places that can accept who you are and can show you the real path in your life..? if you always feel that to show to the world who you are will makes you feeling better, it is will makes you and your group feeling more and more offended and more and more unwanted in the community..

if you always think malaysians should accept who you are..yes..we are accepting you..a bunch of Gays and Lesbos..but to gives you the right to perform your act even to officially acknowledge you in our’s a no for a very good reason..i heard in US there are legal civil marriage..or maybe in england, they are official Gay Soccer about u ask all the NGOs behind this Seksualiti Merdeka to supports all of you to change your nationality and stays there for good..? and for transgender, how about stays in Thailand forever..?

if u have your own rights to show who you are..Malaysia have their own right not to allow you be officially acceptable here..i know some of you have lots of guts as in US, it’s Gays and Lesbos who control their political vote..lots of your kind was there and that puts pressure to US President to allow Civil Marriage in certain areas..pathetic..

again, please..don’t let ur emotions ruins your life..if  you always says that it’s naturally in your blood to be Gays and Lesbos, please rethink..even an animal, a most defect animals, a most out-in-the-world-weird-looking-one-of-a-kind-defect animal in the world does not practice what you are to say that it’s natural defect in you..i believe it’s only in your brain coz only a BRAIN THAT MAKES HUMAN DIFFERENT FROM ANIMAL..

and another thing..please dont make this a politics issue..ambiga..what is your purpose there..?? marina mahathir..?? what are you doing..?? to gain some cheap attention..??


3 responses to this post.

  1. Mungkin Malaysia tak mengamalkan 100% kebebasan, tapi ia adalah berlandaskan rukun negara, yang pertama nya adalah

    Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan

    and for Islam, Christian, Buddhist, Hindus…
    there is no such thing as gays, les…
    i thought buat bersih 2.0 is stupid enough, but this one, serious takleh ukur tahap kebodohannya.

    well said bro. well said.


    • Posted by AzamHassan on November 8, 2011 at 8:56 am

      ntahler..depa nak sgt civil marriage allowed in malaysia..gila..mau terbongkar tanah ni ditelan bumi nanti..singapore pun tak allow benda tu, inikan pula malaysia..


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