Nokia Upgrade!! Cool!! or Nokia Upgrade?? WTF??

whoaaaaa!! jalan-jalan at Nokia Malaysia Website..^^

Find Product!! cuci-cuci mata with new and latest technology from, wait..they have Nokia Upgrade suggestions..?? cool..

what my next Nokia will look like..?? i wonder..hmm~~~

i hope My Next Nokia will upgrade much from my current phone~








here goes..




Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaa!!! here is my next Nokia!! but..err..Nokia N8..?

another suggestion..Nokia N97..?? huh..??


Nokia N97 was released in 2008!! the only upgrade they detect is only for touch screen..?? what kind of upgrade this is..??


Nokia..please scrap your “My Next Nokia” does not even suggest ne the latest Nokia N9..




One response to this post.

  1. waahhh…beriye2 btol awak nk tukar phone…heh


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