Malaysia [4] vs Singapura [6]

jumlah 10 gol merupakan jumlah yang besar untuk permainan bertaraf international lagi2 apabila kita adalah juara Asia Tenggara ketika ini..

this is shit u know..?

it’s not me who not being a patriotic..tetapi se-patriotik mana pun kita kalau misalnya cuma menonton permainan catur malaysia lawan somalia dan kita kalah cuma dengan 4 step mudah..adakah kita masih nak cakap, “takpelah..kita dah cuba..” a professional player represents our nation should be better than that..

so do Harimau Malaya..

In Singapore for 1st leg game, im very sure it was DATUK Rajagobal who should be blamed in the 1st place as everybody knows that Apek (Khairul Fahmi Che Mat) is currently at his best now..then, how on earth that that DATUK pass it to Sharbinie..yes Sharbinie is still a cool goalkeeper but he has not being tested regularly as much as Apek..we can see and feel that Sharbinie still has his nerved between the post unlike Apek that has his own charisma and eccentricity in that position..

does DATUK Rajagobal make his judgement by looking at Apek’s performance with Arsenal and Liverpool..? those games is does not have any points to judge our player..Arsenal and Liverpool is in their own class..we will beaten anyway if taking consideration that they are ‘fast and heavy plus too skillful’ for us..

Secondly, in Malaysia for 2nd leg game last night..since when we emphasis Long Ball effort when we know that Singaporeans Imported Players are well scattered and Taller and Heavier and enough at the backline to shut our Long Ball down..why DATUK..why..??

and since when we encourage individuals skills after we knows that Team Singapore maintains their fitness to catch us down and robbed our ball..? Plus we are not very good in dribbling..most of us..

Since when we dont have any alertness about Alexander Duric that in Singapore we know even in his 41 years old, still have his touch and skills..? How on earth Malaysian Team let their midfielders roams freely all around the field without anyone who try to chase them down..

and since when we only rely on Safee Sali and Safee Sali only to score goals..?? we are lacking of strikers arent we..?

after we are lacking of goalscorers, we should do more on our defending skills..we should revolt our team once again as THERE ARE NO SINGLE PERFORMER FROM MALAYSIA TEAM THAT NIGHT EXCEPT FOR APEK AND SAFEE SALI..

maybe im being too pessimistic but it was our targets to reach World Cup 2014 and now all has goes down the drain..Malaysia Team should performs better compared to last night at Bukit Jalil..

Congratulations to Safee Sali anyway for scoring a nice effort from a natural strikers and mindset..congratulatios too for Singapore Team as they advanced to the next stage..

it’s not Singapore winning with their imported players, but it was us that should be blamed..

however, heard Negaraku Song in the stadium with 90,000++ our 12th players which is our supporters makes me proud and still believe that our Malaysia Teeam can still be the best in Asia..

oh season, we have imported malaysia back in our squad in Liga Malaysia..maybe after our effort to bring a good nation team, they will be no another further development as all clubs will be focusing so much for those imported players..

maybe Pahang FC goes downhill by years so then there are new rules each time including this ‘Import Players’ things..?? lalalala..

all the best to Harimau Malaya..Pre-Qualification for Olympic is next!!


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