what’s wrong with our TelCo..?

at first..i receive SMS and it sounds like something like this,

“dapatkan gambar terlampau dan aksi ghairah daripada awek cun..taip YA dan hantar ke bla bla bla……”

for me..i will straight to hit delete after the message..it’s so annoying but realizing that there must be someone who selling my phone number to certain company, so let it be..im still ok..for kids, this is bad, for parents who receive this kind of SMS in their kids phone, go straight to police or your Telco..

then another SMS i receive was something like this,

“tolong topupkan ayah di nombor ni +6012xxxxxxxx..ayah di balai polis..nanti dah topup ayah cerita..”

now this is weird..as i call my dad as “abah” so im sure i will not fall for this trap easily..but how about this message goes to someone that really feel this is their real dad..?? this is confusing yet quite easy to handle..just call your dad or your relatives and ask them where is your dad..dont easily fall for this trap..

but another message really engaged me to say, “WhatTheFishbone..?”,

from : 22121 (note : 22126 is a number that will send a successful notification after i share a topup to my sister via *100#..spot that there are not much difference between 22126 and 22121 as it shows that both still from maxis)

message : +60127xxxxxx is requesting RM10 from you via Ask-a-Top-Up. To confirm request, please reply YES. To cancel, please reply NO

then i ask my sister does she request a topup via Ask-A-Top-Up..to my shock, she said that she never request any topup that way..

so..how come a TelCo can access my Activ10 and engaged their own script to topup my sister automatically..? does maxis breach my privacy or maxis breach hers..? does there is someone who works in the telco selling our number to 3rd party-shitty-forwarding SMS-company..? does it valid for we as a user filed a complain to TelCo..?

those shitty message still coming quite frequent now and im not sure either our Telco is always respecting our privacy after this..

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