Hair Gel/Cream & Wax

There’s two types to get your hair in a style..

1. Hair Gel/ Cream 2

. Wax   Hair

Gel/Cream is a simpler one..easy to wash and easy to apply to your’s a daily use for lots of people right now including using Follow Me but now changing to Loreal Studio, just to ‘give-it-a-go’..if it’s ok then i’ll stick with the new remove Hair Gel/Cream is so much easy, just wash is simply with water during shower or bath and everything will go straight to the drain..

My Previous Hair Cream

testing a new product

Wax is another thing..wax also can be use to keep your style for 2 3 days long if im not then wax will be use if you are going to dinner or you definitely a ‘stylo mylo’ persona..Wax is a good way to maintain ur style..however, to clean a wax, u need more than a clean water..u need a conditioner..a proper wash and a proper use to completely clean it’s a ‘wax’ so u can expect how hard it is to get it away from your hair..


so enough for a simple lesson..


why im telling u this..?? because after 20++ years of living..only YESTERDAY i knew all about those stuff..thank God that Guardian lady keeps me accompany to explain everything with a cynical smile on her face..

if not..i’m sure..i’ll pick that Uber Man Wax as my Daily Hair Cream..damn..


2 responses to this post.

  1. saya tau semuanya selepas sy berkahwin…hehe


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