i LOVE money : MLM rules the world!

ive following a blog called AididLeaks recently..the blog talks a lot about MLM scam in malaysia and the author trying his best to educate malaysians about what is pyramid scheme is all about..cool isnt it..? u can take a peek at the link at my right section named AididLeaks and reads for urself..

just one thing to remind that the words in there cannot be used in your daily life..it’s harsh..it’s violent and also it’s kind of  ‘mengecikkan hati2 gadis’..but then, how we should do to educate those bastards that always snatching unfortunate victim’s pockets..?

u just can’t come to the MLM scammers and say that, “korang ni..tak baik tau amik duit2 orang ni..jahat macam tu..allah marah..”

do they give a damn about those..? i dont think so..their head is full of devils that always ready to strike without we ever realize..then this AididMuaddid came with all strong words..i hope it’s works now!

remember that AC mizal and his so-called famous bracelet..? where u can have it for less that Rm50 but was being sell for Rm1000..? that guy got hammered due to AididLeaks facts until none of their members can fight a single words..but who cares rite, that guy still drive his bentley and is in queue to get his Datuk..what is the main reason for the Datuk, im not sure..he’s not DATUK m nasir or DATUK ramli m.s type..he’s just a rapper only ‘for you to see’ and should not be worshiped in the early days..

talk about MLM..yes..it can gives u lots of money that u need in this world..and im not talking about Rm1000 to Rm10000 per month..if your system is very good plus a very good commercial (just like those ac mizal clan scammers), u can get 6 digits per month..it’s true..u can sitting on your couch, reading daily newspaper, sweeping the floor, cooking, listening to music, but in the same time, the money never stops coming into your account..of course, the money comes from some unfortunate personnel who’s being cheated to stash away their money for some business that are quite questionable..

truly i say..this is so wrong to be rich..especially if we are muslims in malaysia where lots of people are still not educate enough to know the real deal behind those ‘janji janji manis’ about the lame system..

i still remember when im in primary school..my brother got involved in one business that i dont care any in regards im too small to know everything..the starting is Rm200 which is quite big at that time for a secondary student just like my brother..but his friend lending his money to my brother only to attract him..the details im still not remember what the business actually is and how it works..then suddenly after 2 or 3 month, my brother receive a cheque and stated that he has Rm5000 in his account..! yup..the money was there and it was ours..

after a week..my brother’s friend came back to him and my brother pays back his Rm200 that he lend..his friend ask him to ‘re-generate’ the money and put it back into the system..u know..Rm200 generates Rm5000..so u can imagine what Rm5000 will generate..

luckily (im not sure i should call this as lucky or not), my brother refused and said that he would like to think about it..but after a week, he bought a motorcycle..modenas kriss 110 early edition where the engine is very tip top compared to modenas nowadays..his friend disappeared and never heard again..the business is dead then because my brother’s other friends, realizing that he got a motorcyle from the business, then they got involved in the business then..however, none of them achieve what my brother does..

so the motorcycle was paid by MLM money if i should say that..and then, the real deal started,

the motor fell off after 2 weeks it was bought when a brake suddenly jammed..my brother and i got some big scratch at our hands and faces..the cost of repair is quite big..RM200++ i think..after that, the tyres and rims gives us headache..the exhaust, the handle..then got involved in another accident which is the cost to repair is quite enormous..lots of repair that i can recall throughout the days we possessed that modenas..and dare i say, lots of money we spend after we bought it for ‘free’..i believe the money we spend to repair motorcycle (and ourselves in the clinic) is just as equal if we bought it without that MLM money we got before..hehehe..

many would say that we are bastards who dont know how to ride motorcycle properly..so then we got involved in lots of accident..but for us..we believe that this is the true cost of having money that are not from a ‘clean’ source and the money that we dont know where it came from..thank god, we still breathing until today..it teaches us  lot about what a bad money will gives us..

however, that modenas is still in our disposal..u know..the 1st edition of modenas kriss 110 is the best edition of all where the engine is still ok until today..cool~

sad to say..u can brag about this story to all MLMers but they will deny everything and they believe they are the best human was ever created in this world..! they dont care about their downliners..as long they get their money for themselves..

weird isnt it..? if we go to mamak, have nasi beriani kambing, then talk to a person next to us and ask him to pay for our food..then say to the same person, if he want to eat a free meal just like us, so ask him to talk to another person and do the same..

i believe nobody will do that..

but in MLM..EVERYBODY is doing the same method..and NOBODY in the system is complaining..they always believe that someday somewhere there always be someone who will gives them free money..and do they cares if that someone do get their money back? i dont think so..so then..what the hell is going on actually..? are we living in a crazy-money-world..?

where islam in only as a platform for us to increase our popularity..using al quran words..using hadis..using ustaz ustaz to promote the scam system, using islamic comittee to ensure the system is ‘halalan toyibah’ even we all know it was a pyramid scheme..using everyone only to ensure we take their money..i think it’s not a good move to be rich..

we live in 20th century..but why pak man telo’s style still exist now is beyond my thinking..


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