a story that will makes us to think in different way..

this story was told to us in our office by our Senior General Manager (Boss of all Bosses in our company) when suddenly he came for a surprise visit..

he talks about how certain situation will eventually turns our perceptions 360 degrees..and im sure some of us do heard this story somewhere before..

the story begins at 8 o’clock in the evening where a guy takes overtime jobs to ensure all works is covered for the day..the guy have it all in working community..be in the office from 8 in the morning..working in front of the computer..having a meeting..discussion..brainstorming..then when it comes stop working and going home, he too tired to think about anything else compared to his family..so then he packed all his things and went straight to the LRT..

LRT at that time at his area is not as bizarre as any other places..at least he still can find a seat for him to relax..the journey to home takes for about 1 hour and after several minutes, he now can be very very relaxed and starts to fall in sleep..

not long after he’s trying to close his eyes, he was disturbed by a loud voice of 2 child about aged 7 and 8 years old running and playing all around the LRT..certain times, the boys just sit in front of him and yelled to each other happily..they are playing with all kind of things..

this guy doesnt seems to happy with the situation and tries to continue to sleeps..his eyes searching around to see where is those little rascals parents..why on earth a parents letting their son running in the train and doesn’t do anything..? does their parents lost their minds..? does they don’t teach any manners to these boys..?

in his eyes, he see that those kids are with a man..a dull man that sitting quite far from him..with his face looking through the window..with a simple t shirt and only a slippers..this guy must comes from ‘kampung’ gushed the guy..the man just looking helplessly when his kids playing around..letting his kids do anything in the LRT..and even letting the kids to climb on his legs and shoulders! ‘this ‘kampung’ man is not well educated and his children must be his 1st time in the LRT..even though he’s not educated, he should control his children..’ said the guy pissing his heads off about the situation..

the rascals keep playing since they were boarding in the LRT..this guy cant keep his head out from those loud voices of those kids..he cant sleep anymore..he also cant relax his mind to ensure all working life was left behind before he reach his home..this time he had enough..

the guy approach the man slowly..sits besides him and try to have a simple chat..the man reach this guy hand but not having a single smile on his face..this guy getting quite angry now with his manners..does it worth to talk with this man..?

the guy said, “sir..im sorry to talk about this..it’s ok if u are tired but we are also tired and want to relax too in this LRT..could you keep your kids heads down so that they dont disturb other passenger..i’m sure everyone in this place is so pissed off to hear those boys yelling and running and screaming all around the places..”

the man turn his face..looking the guy in his eyes..the guy hopes that this simple talk can easily absorb by this ‘kampung’ man..

“im sorry..but that’s all that i can do..” replied the man..

the guy gutted..how come he dont have the guts to control his own kids..? is he out of his mind..? the guy is getting very pissed off now..but when he’s trying to opens his mouth, the man continue his words,

“their mother..my wife..just passed away..we are on our way to the hospital..”

the guy rolling his eyes..small portion on sympathize runs inside him, “i’m sorry to hear that..” said the guy..

the man continue, “those kids doesnt have the opprtunity to see their mother to frequently..it was been a month before they was being told to see their mother today..they are excited..soo excited..you too can see it inside them rite..”

“when we are on our way..the doctor told me that..my wife..(taking a deep breath)..my wife..has already passed away..” said the man while his eyes watching his kids playing and still running..

he added, “it must be a hard time to say it to the kids..they will not understand..so then i must control myself..and even the kids..im forced to let them do what they want before they know the truth..im so sorry..”

the guy full of sympathize with the man now..the man that he thought is not being ‘a-smart-living-man’ is actually in a hard situation for him..the guy fast recalled if his wife died and almost the same situation with this man..does he strong enough to go through all of this..? what will he do if those really happens..?

the guy quickly shuts his head off before thinking more about this..he said sorry to the man for his situation and maybe his harsh words towards him..

the guy going back to his seats..and even those kids still running and playing..he feels ok now and praying that the man is stronger to accept all that happens in his life…………

so then..the story tells us how important for us to ensure that we should not have bad impression towards one another..we also should prevent the negative perception control our mind..


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