“buat apa susah2 kerja kalau kita boleh menjadi boss kepada diri kita sendiri..”

“kau kerja makan gaji ke..? kayakan boss kau je..baik kau kerja sendiri..melabur RM100 dapat pulangan RM50juta dalam masa seminggu..”

“macam ni lah melayu..tak pernah nampak peluang..peluang ada depan mata tak nak di ambil..asyik2 berpuas hati dengan gaji yang ada dan buat bayar hutang je..adeh..”

“money freedom..? selagi kau makan gaji..takkan ada money freedom..kan ke tak bijak tu..”

those are some of the shittiest words that ive been heard throughout my life..not because im jealous..or im too envy of their success or whatsoever..

it’s just because some of those people who said it is only a damn student..! a student who still studying in their respective college..a student who still having their PTPTN or JPA as their main bread and butter..a student who will never know how working life is..!

it’s ok if they are success by their own..it’s ok if they are working by themselves and achieve un-damning-believable of money in just a short period..but please..respect all people who are working for their family..some of the people even achieve RM1k per month still can cover for his wife plus 3 children..so why are you looking so-much-much-much care if they are working for their life..? so are going to lure him into your trap..? in fact..why are you, a student, trying to teach the people who are already have their stable job..?? does not make any sense..

listen friends..if you are still a student who are still studying for your any kind of certificate, please learn about how working life works before making such a statement..u will go down when u achieve Rm3k per month but living just like earning RM10k..living as a student will never let you know what is really going on outside your world..

oh yeah..? a preparation for your working life so you “tak payah kerja susah susah makan gaji dan goyang kaki tapi duit masuk..”..? please..prove it to the sceptics..and we need YOU YOURSELF to prove it and not so-called-guru-sifu-mentor to show you how wealthy they are..we want YOU YOURSELF..

takes a long time..? if you believe with your system..why you should care about time..? your system can provide RM35k within a month rite..? so why bother..? ohh..so you are waiting for your downline to give their money to you..? hmm..

then..issue of “kerja makan gaji tak boleh kaya” or ” makan gaji membazir masa” actually will never appear any in your life if you really know what is the main purpose for you to work..is it for allah..? for your family..? or only you are working for money…? choose..

one more..there are no such thing as “money freedom”..if u do believe u have all it takes to being labelled as “money freedom people”..so stop your current doing..why should u still be in the campus/university/college when u know all those is not important..? the most important for u is earning money as much as u can whatever their cost rite..?

please..help yourself to learn the meaning of life before declaring you are the best persona to teach other people about how to manage theirs..

help yourself to stop asking people to use their credit card, their loan, their any-kind of simpanan to be a part of your team..

when they go down..you’ll blame him as much as u will..because it’s them who fail and not the system..you still smiling and enjoying their money for yourself while they are suffer..where is your pride..??



2 responses to this post.

  1. exactly. they just dont understand…


  2. Posted by ponorogo on Jun 23, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    they just want to HELP our MELAYU & MUSLIM, that’s all……(yeah right….prrfff~~)


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