resign..’s not me who resign..

it’s one of my officemate..beliau dah senior almost 3 or 4 years from sad coz beliau dah boleh kata agak berpengalaman but the company or superior seems dont do anything to makes him think twice..

even after 3 or 4 years of service..he’s still being treated as ‘a new guy’..yeah..lots of old school people in here but the old school should change to ensure we ‘the new guy’ dare to change ourself..somehow there’s a lot of cakap2 ‘dare to change!’ in here but the impact is still minimum..

ah..tak kisahlah..just do our job rite..then tadi pergi makan bersama sama untuk kali terakhir..then gelak2..kutuk2..carut2 macam biasa..then it’s time for us to say our last ‘live’ farewell to him..

wish him all then best in KL with new atmosphere..we at here in this very company will try harder to fulfil this company that we will being treated as sebijik permata and not as melukut di tepi gantang..

for me..i just hope my learning curve will doing soooooo well as one day i’ll lead in here..kill all those people who just makan gaji tapi tak pernah nak fikirkan keadaan kompeni dan pastikan kompeni ni naik semula after recently what is happening here..

this is not an upset..this is a hope..i still do believe in this company policy..and still believe that i still can achieve something from here and give it back to the company..’s sad when u are losing one of your friend that you see everyday..rite..

2 responses to this post.

  1. adakah sy juga seperti malukut di tepi gantang? saya nak jadi beras~


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