hati dan perasaan..

u can debate almost about everything with someone..it will end up u are right or vice versa..but there are one thing that will make us as a loser..it’s all down to hati dan perasaan..

when u say about logic..anything might be going on your way..for example..a friend bought a big car..with salary just RM3k per month, he dedicate some of it to own a mitsubishi lancer 2.0..! in logic ways of thinking, u will say, is it a must to have such a big car with quite a small salary..? is it a need..? how about the maintanence..? why not take toyota vios or else which are cheaper but still in a good condition..? why? why? why? in the end..u will thought that his decision is all wrong..

but if u talk about hati dan perasaan, they might say,  “aku memang minat kereta ni..dari dulu lagi teringin nak pakai..” at that time..u’ll lose the debate and when u lose, he’ll win~

or maybe another example..there are a couple who looks like loving each other but actualy the gal is having her bad time with him..the boy will usually hit her, scold her and the boy is ‘kaki arak’ personnel..our logic way of thinking, the gal should dump her..look for someone else which is better..learn that he’s not suitable for her now and after..at that time, u’ll think that it was the right thing to do..n u think u’ve won the debate..

but how about when suddenly the gal said, “dia memang macam tu..tapi aku sayang dia..sayang dia sangat2..aku tak boleh nak lepaskan dia..”

so do u think u’ll win it..? absolutely no..when she include her ‘hati dan perasaan’, she’ll win it each time..

the problem with ourself is we do REALLY concern on what we are thinking rather than to consider others..we will say what is good for them..but actualy we are referring to ourself..what is good for us if we r in their shoes..

yeah..it’s hard to dealt with this kind of people..we can talk all day long but we’ll lose anyway..for them ‘hati dan perasaan’ is everything..we use to hear certain people say, “biarlah apa aku nak buat..aku tak kacau diorang pun..nak sibuk2 apasal..?” actualy..the people who utter that sentence is always right..and we who are going to make them realize that they are wrong will usually in a bad side..

it’s ok for us to try to debate with this kind of people..but u need extra effort about the situation..the situation is theirs..not yours..their way of thinking is out of our reach..

there’s is a couple, then they break up, and the boy have another girl..but by following his ‘hati dan perasaan’, he still love his ex..and contact her without his gf realized..her ex maybe still in love with this boy even they have split but by ‘hati dan perasaan’ its hard for her to forget 7 or 8 years being together..the boy new gf is following her ‘hati dan perasaan’ to take this boy as hers without realizing she’s broke other personnel feelings..

so, who is right..and who is wrong..? each personnel there will never wrong on what they are doing..but what makes it difficult is, although they follow their ‘hati dan perasaan’ on that situation, but they are throwing the ‘logic’ away from any of their decision..when you are dumping the ‘logic’ feeling in yourself..whatever path u take..it will never end up as per u wanted..

driving a car..

feeling before logic : someone harassing your driving..at that time, ‘perasaan’ u is changing and become angry and try to speed above the speed limit just only to fulfil ur ‘hati’ or ur ‘nafsu’ to overtake the car..safety is never in your mind..

logic before feeling : someone harrassing u then by logic thinking, u are only driving for leisure and how fast enough u’ll go, they are no prize that u can achieve..in fact..if driving with ‘perasaan’ it might end up u’ll lose control of your car and accident might happens..so u calm down ur ‘perasaan’ and thinking more about safety..

so..having ‘hati dan perasaan’ is a must for a normal personnel..but it also MUST comes after your ‘logic’ feeling..that’s life..and it works..


2 responses to this post.

  1. org dulu2 cakap…ikut hati..mati..
    ikut rasa..binasa..

    n bila ada iman..ilmu n pengalaman yg lebih..insyaAllah pertimbangan+decision tu akan jd lebih baik=)


  2. hm…pening juga fikir bnda ni…sbb kebanyakan masa sy ikut hati…hehe. =P


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