hachiko the dog..

extracted from youtube..author : MandyLionWWIII

In 1924, Hachiko was brought to Tokyo by his owner Hidesaburo Ueno, a professor in the agriculture department at the University of Tokyo.The bond between Hachiko and Mr. Ueno can only be described as unbreakable…

The two were inseparable and Hachiko even accompanied Mr. Ueno from his walk from home to the Shibuya train station where he would leave for work every single day.

Hachiko would unfailingly return the train station at the end of each day to welcome his master home.

But on May 1925 Professor Ueno suffered a stroke while he was at work and died soon after never to return to the train station…

Hachiko was waiting for his beloved master to return on that day as he always did before.

Soon after Mr. Ueno’s death Hachiko was given away but he would escape every day to return to the train station to wait for his master.

Day after day Hachiko returned to the train station until he eventually stopped leaving…

Some people who had seen Hachiko with his master were so touched by his devotion they started bringing food to nourish him during his wait…

The days turned to weeks… Months… Years…

After 10 years of waiting for his master at the train station Hachiko died with his gaze fixed upon the spot his master disappeared the very last time…
Today a statue stands in the spot where Hachiko waited his entire life for his master’s return…

sweet kan..sangat sweet..terasa sampai hati..


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  1. mcm pernah dgr citer ni somewhere..tp di mana ya…? di radio kah? tapi bkn baca…ada org cerita kan..hm….


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