de last 24 hour…

4 years in the same place..then say a name who will never miss all of those sweet memories..b4, i always think if this campus will give smthing 2 me..will i miss all the life that i’ll been through in here? will i can achieve what i want? will i can be someone who can proudly hold a status of usm’s student one day? de most important, will this campus give me EVERYTHING that i want?

i’ve never been in a place as far n as long such in usm..together wth the excitement that i’ll be very far from home, i also learn de meaning of humble-simple life of usm transkrian..a campus where only a palm tree as smthing that green..and only have billion to hav smthing 4 everyday life..with all de excitement, i’ve involved in almost everything dat dis campus cam civil’s desasiswa jaya committee..and de most remembered, de palapes life dat teach a lot more than a  student should be..

the civil’s committe..where my life starts from nothing 2 smthing..although i really dont have any idea b4 i stepped in this arena, but de environment luckily suits me a lot..antoher important thing is my frens..that always be there 4 me..i luv u all n hope everything will go as all of u planned in ur life..

the palapes life where only us know n enjoy the life in it..u can tell a fren that u;ve been punished so hard such as crawling downhill..rolling 3 4 times on the football pitch until we puke..stand still for almost 2 hour forr nothing..njoying shower after 2 weeks without those..and lots n lots n lots n lots more that i wish i can recall…somehow..some people when i tell of those will just response : “oh” without knowing  our feeling dat time..hmm..i wish i can be at that time again..where we take those as enjoyable..smthing that not all people can have…sure..i miss those time….

n now..after 4 years, it’s now reach the time that less than 24 hours 4 me to recall of all the memories..somehow, life must go on..i’ll nver forget de life in this laugh..the kindness of all frens that i’ve met..the trips that make us 2gether..karaoke..snooker..riyas..watching football 2gether..bowling..midnite movie..besday celebration..playing cards..hmm..i ‘ll never forgot all of those memories..yes…i cant keep my tears..sometimes it falls down on my keyboard..

for frens that r always there…keep in touch..all of u will nver fade from my life….hope everything going as planned..n till we meet again………..good luck to all =’)


6 responses to this post.

  1. so sweet and touching… u r the best wherever u r..but the best thing above all is when u r here with me (^_^)


  2. azam…awak menangis????hehehe


  3. Posted by AzamHassan on Mei 9, 2008 at 12:36 am

    ish..xkkn la sy mnangis…^^


  4. bila nk update ni awk~


  5. Posted by CahayaMataKeyaQeenan on Jun 25, 2008 at 12:06 pm

    Let share “Ilmu”…


  6. congratz for managin to accomplish the course in four years.. ^^ jgn sedih2 k..sume org rasa cmtu..aha..


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